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show vpn-sessiondb remote filter name

ASA-VPN-1# show vpn-sessiondb remote filter name MMessier

Session Type: IPsec

Username : MMessier Index : 23658
Assigned IP : Public IP :
Protocol : IKE IPsecOverUDP
License : IPsec
Encryption : 3DES AES256 Hashing : MD5 SHA1
Bytes Tx : 1003228 Bytes Rx : 270846
Group Policy : DfltGrpPolicy Tunnel Group : fake-vpn-group
Login Time : 12:35:12 CST Mon Nov 10 2008
Duration : 2h:16m:25s
NAC Result : Unknown
VLAN Mapping : N/A VLAN : none

View all users that are connected

ASA-VPN-1# show vpn-sessiondb svc

Session Type: SVC

Username     : ghowe                  Index        : 93
Assigned IP  :          Public IP    :
Protocol     : Clientless SSL-Tunnel DTLS-Tunnel
License      : SSL VPN, Linksys Phone
Encryption   : AES256                 Hashing      : SHA1
Bytes Tx     : 4018114                Bytes Rx     : 4338598
Group Policy : VoipVPN                Tunnel Group : VoipVPN
Login Time   : 10:39:50 CST Fri Jan 11 2013
Duration     : 6d 21h:57m:22s
Inactivity   : 0h:00m:00s
NAC Result   : Unknown
VLAN Mapping : N/A                    VLAN         : none

Disconnect user or group sessions

ASA-VPN-1# vpn-sessiondb logoff ?

  all           All sessions
  email-proxy   Email-Proxy sessions
  index         Index specific session
  ipaddress     IP Address specific sessions
  l2l           IPsec LAN-to-LAN sessions
  name          Username specific sessions
  protocol      Protocol specific sessions
  remote        IPsec Remote Access sessions
  svc           SSL VPN Client sessions
  tunnel-group  Tunnel-group sessions
  vpn-lb        VPN Load Balancing Mgmt sessions
  webvpn        WebVPN sessions

ASA-VPN-1# vpn-sessiondb logoff name ghowe
Do you want to logoff the VPN session(s)? [confirm]
INFO: Number of sessions with name “ghowe” logged off : 1

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