Backup SecureCRT sessions

Here’s a script that will backup your SecureCRT sessions. It will go out to the network drive, zip the current sessions and rename it with a timestamp. It will then copy your local sessions to the network. The sessions on the network will NOT be zipped until the script is run again. That way the latest sessions will always be available in a non-zipped format on the network for sharing among the team.

cd networkceclarkbackup

“C:Program FilesWinRARwinrar” a -r -df -ibck *.*

ren %date:~10,4%-%date:~4,2%-%date:~7,

cd vandyke
xcopy *.* /s /e /v g:networkceclarkbackup /y
cd ..
cd crt_scripts
xcopy *.* /s /e /v g:networkceclarkbackupscripts /y

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