Basic CSS Commands

I hope I never run into another CSS box, but in case I do…

Check who is master

CSS11503# show redundant-vips


Interface Address: VRID: 1
Redundant Address: Range: 1
State: Master Master IP:
State Changes: 4 Last Change: 04/23/2008 12:37:47 Last Change: 04/23/2008 12:37:47

CSS11503# show ip interfaces
IP Interface Summary:

CircuitName: VLAN750 State: active
IP Address: Network Mask:
Broadcast Address: Redundancy: disabled
ICMP Redirect: enabled ICMP Unreachable: enabled
RIP: disabled

Example Service config

service web-p1
 protocol tcp
 port 80
 ip address
 redundant-index 1020
 string web-p1
 keepalive type http
 keepalive uri “/keepalive.html”

Remove a server from service

service web-p1

Enable a server to service

service web-p1

Save the config and replicate to standby

commit_VipRedundConfig “-a -d local remote”

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