CCIE Lab Quickies

Alias’s for long commands

Some alias’s for BGP

alias exec inroutes show ip bgp neighbor received-routes
alias exec outroutes show ip bgp neighbor advertised-routes

Some alias’s for named mode EIGRP

alias router_eigrp_named E4 address-family ipv4 unicast autonomous-system 100
alias router_eigrp_named E6 address-family ipv6 unicast autonomous-system 100

Misc alias’s

alias exec sir show ip route
alias exec conn show interface status | i connected (switches only)
alias exec sptr show spanning-tree | i VLAN|Priority|root (switches only)
alias configuration show do show
alias configuration sh do show
alias interface show do show
alias interface sh do show

Switchport Macro’s

Here are two macros; one for Trunks and one for Access ports. This ensures consistency across ports and reduces configuration time.

macro name T
default interface $intf
interface $intf
switchport trunk encaps dot
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk allow vlan $vlan
no shut
[macro global apply T $intf eth0/1 $vlan 10,20,30]

macro name A
default interface $intf
interface $intf
switchport mode access
switchport access vlan $vlan
no shut
[macro global apply A $intf eth1/1 $vlan 5]

Automatically log all commands and backup running configuration every 15 minutes

mkdir flash:archive-config
log config
logging enable
path flash:archive-config/
time-period 15