Cisco Mobility Express

I recent grabbed a new AP and my plan was to put it in autonomous mode. I just needed to check out a couple of configuration settings that were local and not a on a WLC. Long story short autonomous mode is no longer supported. Instead Cisco deployed Mobility Express. It takes a newer AP, and puts on some WLC like code. It doesn’t have the full WLC feature set, but for SOHO it should be good enough. Well one thing led to another and I wanted to learn more about it. I installed the ME code on the AP. One of the things I wanted to test was adding other AP’s to the ME Controller. I had an old 2600 so I tried to add it. It was running in autonomous mode and it would not auto-magically update and join. The Cisco docs cover new AP’s pretty good, but nothing on the older ones. Not too much out on the interwebs either. Time to start messing around. Here’s what I found works well.

  • Make note of the ME version you are running
  • Take the AP (old or new) and migrate it to lightweight mode. Make sure the CAPWAP version is the same as the ME. Reboot the AP.

That’s it. After that it will magically be added to the ME Controller. There are some tweaks I’m still trying to figure out and I’ll post if I find anything worthy.