Convict Conditioning book review

Convict Conditioning book review

I used to belong to a gym that focused on functional fitness. I eventually hit a plataue that I was having trouble getting past. I was searching around the net for some hints & tips for getting up to that next level. I found a book and decided to buy it. The book is called Convict Conditioning by Paul Wade. I followed the book verbatim. He suggested starting at level one (of ten) even if you know you can do it. The first day in the gym I did just that. I did each exercise at level one. I was able to successfully complete all the level one exercises. I then moved on to level 2. I continued to progress until I reach the levels I could not handle. For each exercise the level where I failed was different for each exercise (ie legs vs shoulders). For the next 6 weeks I focused on the book and working on reaching the level. It was incredible how strong I got and how fast it happened. I was never able to do pistols to the floor. After those 6 weeks I could 3 sets of 5 pistols. My handstands greatly increased along with everything else. For a detailed description of what is in the book check Amazon or Dragon Door. The book completely changed the way I work out. When I feel I’m not performing to the level I should be I go right back to this book. I think it’s a fantastic book. Pick it up today.

Convict Conditioning by Paul Wade
ISBN-10: 0938045768
ISBN-13: 978-0938045762

Dragon Door

Dragon Door has a lot of cool stuff so check the site.

Convict Conditioning 2 is out!

I immediatly bought this book base on how awesome the first book was. I like it a lot but it covers less important areas than the Big 6. It’s still a worthy purchase. The chapter on grip strength alone is worth the money.

Convict Conditioning 2 by Paul Wade
ISBN-10: 0938045342
ISBN-13: 978-0938045342

Dragon Door

Check out Jim Bathurst’s website. Very helpful info and the guy is freaky strong. I saw a picture of him holding a 45lb plate by the collar with one hand!

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