Five Lords

Grab a D-Ball ( that’s 40-50% of your body weight.

Start with the ball on the ground. Do a burpee with your hands on the ball. Do not lift the ball when finishing the burpee, just leave it on the ground.

Next Clean the D-Ball.

While in the Clean position Squat with the D-Ball

Next Press the D-Ball overhead (military press, no leg help)

Hold the D-Ball overhead and walk 20 paces.


Repeat …

My personal best: 1 mile (40 minutes)

Depending on the weight the overhead carry may be too much. If so drop it to the clean position for a farmer carry.

Soreness Rating: Shoulders get a great workout but it’s hard to get a single weight that works everything so not that much to get sore. Still a fun workout though.

Goal: Have not decided on one yet

Anyone know where to get D-Balls on the cheap?

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