HTTP Probe on the ACE

Configuration example of an HTTP Probe and ACL on an ACE.

access-list ACL-PERMIT-WEB line 1 extended permit tcp any gt 1024 any eq www 
access-list ACL-PERMIT-WEB line 2 extended permit tcp any gt 1024 any eq https 

probe http PROBE-HTTP-GET
  port 80
  interval 10
  faildetect 2
  passdetect interval 30
  passdetect count 2
  request method get url /WebBlobService/ACWebBlobService.ashx
  expect status 200 200
  header Accept header-value “any”

interface vlan 427
  description LoadBalance VLAN
  ip address
  access-group input ACL-PERMIT-WEB
  nat-pool 1 netmask pat

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