I don’t like the Nexus 7000’s because…

OK, OK, before you guys start freaking out and leaving nasty comments, give me a second to explain. I don’t hate the Nexus, I just think there usually better choices in most environments. I very often see over/under designed networks. I’m not perfect, but I’ve worked on some decent sized networks where 99.999% was required. Here’s my list of pros and cons. Comment away.

VDC’s – I love them…seriously I do
10GB density – I don’t see many customers that require this high of density, but it is nice.
All commands in config mode – about @(*%$%^ time
N+1 redundancy when you can sell it to the customer

Expensive (the switch, power, cooling, rack, etc)
OTV – Not really a Nexus only feature, but the ASR is more flexible in a design
NX-OS – Some changes from IOS that drive me nuts (wr mem, routing protocol config, viewing port channels, LACP/Etherchannel inconsistencies). If Cisco really does migrate IOS to NX-OS I will concede (I think IOS to IOS-XE is more realistic though).
Cisco’s pitch on it’s inherently more secure – Any pre-sales guys out there that would like to debate me on that?
The layer 2 in the datacenter pitch – Remember it wasn’t that long ago that Cisco said “route everywhere, layer 3 isolation, spanning-tree sucks”. Now it’s the opposite?? OK, VPC’s sort of eliminates STP, but come on. All for vmotion type technologies? I guess history does repeat itself.
The 2K’s, enough said.

They’ll be more coming.