This is a really weird (and bad) problem I ran into at a client site. I installed a couple of Nexus 7010’s. First things first I updated the code to 6.0(4) to update the code as well as test ISSU. Everything went nice and smooth. The switch eventually went into production and ran fine for a few months. I needed to create a VDC for OTV. Everything went smooth there as well. I jumped into the new VDC and made my configuration changes. I then tried to exit the VDC…here lies the problem. When I tried to switchback to the Admin VDC I received this error-

Cannot switch to prod VDC on N7K2 to apply this config.  Get error ERROR: ISSU in progress. Wait for ISSU to finish.

Uh oh. I could not get into any other VDC, including the Admin! I opened a TAC case and they believe the IOS upgrade failed on the CMP and it needed to be updated again and reloaded. That’s no big deal.

install module 5 cmp system bootflash:///n7000-s1-dk9.6.0.4.bin
reload cmp module 5

install module 6 cmp system bootflash:///n7000-s1-dk9.6.0.4.bin
reload cmp module 6

That went OK, I think. After entering the reload cmp command nothing happened. Waited, waited, waited, still nothing. Following up with TAC they stated we had to reboot the switch. What’s worse, and obvious, is that any changes that were made and not saved prior to the new VDC being build were lost in all VDC’s because of the reboot.