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  • ACL’s with Ansible

    Here's a playbook that shows creating an ACL, adding to an ACL and deleting an ACL in a Cisco device. [crayon-5a5de1b6a8234983195265/]  ..Read more

  • BGP commands with Python

    Hopefully the title of this post didn't get too excited...We're not building python scripts to make BGP changes....yet. Nope, this one is to help with BGP commands when you are running VRF's. It will ..Read more

  • Server Ports w/python

    In working with EVE-NG I often find that I need specific ports open on a test server. Instead of always installing an application (eg NGINX) I hacked together a python that will open a port. [crayon-..Read more

  • Path Trace

    If you've ever had to trace the actual path a packet takes it can be tedious. There are some great commercial tools out there that can visually show you the path, but now there is a free tool, APIC-EM..Read more