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  • Path Trace

    If you've ever had to trace the actual path a packet takes it can be tedious. There are some great commercial tools out there that can visually show you the path, but now there is a free tool, APIC-EM..Read more

  • Finding a Host

    I wrote an article a long time ago on how to find out where a host is connected. APIC-EM's host inventory makes finding a host a snap. From Device Inventory enter the IP address, MAC Address, hostname..Read more

  • Inventory & Config Management

    Did you know that APIC-EM inventories your equipment and maintains a copy of the config? If you don't see the Config header, click on Custom on the Layout. APIC-EM will XXX out any sensi..Read more

  • Troubleshooting Failover on the ASA

    When troubleshooting failover on an ASA, there are a couple of spots to pay attention too. However we first need to understand how failover works. This post will cover active/passive failover only. Th..Read more