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Menu’s in IOS

I recently had to build a menu for a customer. It’s not something I do often, but they can be pretty handy. In this example there are two menu’s; OutOfBand and a sub-menu call Help-Menu. You can have the menu’s automatically invoked by adding

autocommand menu OutOfBand

under your VTY’s.

menu OutOfBand title ^

*~*~*~ CONSOLE SERVER *~*~*~
menu OutOfBand prompt ^

Please enter your selection: ^
menu OutOfBand text 1 ASR-ROUTER-1 Console
menu OutOfBand command 1 resume ASR-ROUTER-1 /connect telnet ASR-ROUTER-1
menu OutOfBand options 1 pause
menu OutOfBand text 2 ISR-ROUTER-1 Console
menu OutOfBand command 2 resume ISR-ROUTER-1 /connect telnet ISR-ROUTER-1
menu OutOfBand options 2 pause
menu OutOfBand text 3 resume CSR-ROUTER-1 Console
menu OutOfBand command 3 resume CSR-ROUTER-1 /connect telnet CSR-ROUTER-1
menu OutOfBand options 3 pause
menu OutOfBand text 4 ASA-5585X Console
menu OutOfBand command 4 resume ASA-5585X /connect telnet ASA-5585X
menu OutOfBand options 4 pause
menu OutOfBand text 5 SourceFire-IPS Console
menu OutOfBand command 5 resume SourceFire-IPS /connect telnet SourceFire-IPS
menu OutOfBand options 5 pause
menu OutOfBand text 6 WSA Console
menu OutOfBand command 6 resume WSA /connect telnet WSA
menu OutOfBand options 6 pause
menu OutOfBand text 7 F5 Console
menu OutOfBand command 7 resume F5 /connect telnet F5
menu OutOfBand options 7 pause
menu OutOfBand text 8 Nexus7K Console
menu OutOfBand command 8 resume Nexus7K /connect telnet Nexus7K
menu OutOfBand options 8 pause
menu OutOfBand text 9 WLC-5508 Console
menu OutOfBand command 9 resume WLC-5508 /connect telnet WLC-5508
menu OutOfBand options 9 pause
menu OutOfBand text H Help
menu OutOfBand command H menu Help-Menu
menu OutOfBand options H pause
menu OutOfBand text E Exit to IOS
menu OutOfBand command E menu-exit
menu OutOfBand clear-screen
menu OutOfBand status-line
menu OutOfBand default me

menu Help-Menu title ^


Escape out of the current session by pressing the escape key sequence
(Ctrl-Shift-6 then x) and return to the EXEC prompt.

Enter the 'where' command to list the open sessions. All open sessions
associated with the current terminal line are displayed.

Enter the 'resume' command and the session number to make the connection.

menu Help-Menu prompt ^
Please enter your selection: ^
menu Help-Menu text M Back to Menu
menu Help-Menu command M menu-exit
menu Help-Menu clear-screen
menu Help-Menu status-line
menu Help-Menu default me

ip host ASR-ROUTER-1 2003
ip host ISR-ROUTER-1 2004
ip host CSR-ROUTER-1 2005
ip host ASA-5585X 2006
ip host SourceFire-IPS 2007
ip host WSA 2008
ip host F5 2009
ip host Nexus7K 2010
ip host WLC-5508 2011

The IP address should be the IP address assigned to a loopback and routed in your network. Experienced engineers can then telnet directly to a device without having to go through the menu. If you want to force people to use the menu assign the loopback a non-routeable IP address [e.g.].