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Protected: Software Shoutouts

I would like to show some love to the people that make the software that make my life easier.

VanDyke’s SecureCRT
Many people use putty and they use it because it’s free. Like the old adage goes, You get what you pay for. Putty works just fine and I love that it’s free and I’ve had to download and use it in many situations. However for a day to day terminal emulator, nothing beats the features of SecureCRT. Here are a couple of the lesser known features that I love:

Customizable keyboards (and more than one): You can create hot-keys for commands. For example I can configure F5 to send show run | section bgp.
Button Bar: A bar with buttons that run commands. Much like the feature above, but your hand never has to leave the mouse!
Sessions: Each stored Session is stored as an ini file. What’s the big deal about that? You can easily share sessions with others. We used to keep a central repository of Sessions. When someone deployed a new project with new equipment, we could go out to the repository and grab the Session. It’s also very easy to backup and restore Sessions as well. There’s a script on the blog that shows how I backup my Sessions.
Echo Flow Control: I use text based templates for config consistency. Have you ever copy-n-pasted a large chunk of text only to have it stop pasting half way through? SecureCRT is smart enough to recognize that and slow down the paste to ensure it all gets pasted in!
VB Scripting: I could go on forever about this feature. Examples I’ve used it for are grabbing configs, making changes, upgrading IOS and troubleshooting.

IDM UltraEdit & UltraCompare