Speeding up the config

There’s nothing worse (OK there is) than working on a fully populated 6513 and you type show run and hit enter. Hurry up and wait for the switch to parse the config then display it to you. In digging around and looking for a solution to logging to a usb drive, I found an great¬†command;

parser config cache interface

What does it do? Loads the config into a cache. So what you say? Until a change is made, the switch will present you the config from cache instead of parsing it each time. No more waiting! Once you make a change, it will need to rebuild that cache again. Once you enable it, you will need to show run to build the cache, but subsequent show runs will be significantly quicker. Works on both routers and switches.

PS- There is another parser command that is useful –

parser config partition

It works just like the section sub-command (from show run).

CHASSIS-SW# show running-config partition ?
access-list  All access-list configurations
class-map    All class-map configurations
common       All remaining unregistered configurations
global-cdp   All global cdp configurations
interface    Each Interface specific Configurations