Track Changes without AAA

First create local username/passwords
username MMessier password RaNgErS

Next we enable AAA and tell AAA to use the local database of users
aaa new-model aaa authentication login default local

Next we set the VTY lines to use AAA
line vty 0 15 login authentication default

We did this so each person that logs into the router is associated with an ID. Now we enable archive logging
 log config
 logging enable
 logging size 500

Now when a user enters a command (must be a valid command) we can view it
RTR-7206VXR#show archive log config all
idx sess user@line Logged command
1 1 MMessier@vty0 | logging enable
2 1 MMessier@vty0 | logging size 500
3 1 MMessier@vty0 | notify syslog
4 3 MMessier@vty0 | no ip domain-lookup

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