View PC network info – IP Config alternative

I connect to a lot of customer networks and I was looking for an easy way to view network info- especially the domain name. Yes I can get all this through ipconfig /all but I get all the adapters including the ones I don’t want. I spent some time and found/tweaked a powershell script. The script only shows the information that I need and only on active connections. It’s nice to see my local info as well as the information I get when I VPN to a customer. I also have it go out and get my public IP address.

The one thing you will have to figure out is what the index is on the interfaces you want view. Open powershell_ise.exe and run the following command

We can now see a list of network devices and their respect Index ID’s. In this screenshot my wireless adapter is index 11. In the script, make sure you filter to the adapter you want to see.


Copy the above text, save it as ipinfo.ps1. Then create a shortcut to it preceding the Target command with powershell.exe


C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe &’C:\TEMP\ipinfo.ps1′

Here’s the final result. Note that my physical adapter has no setting because I’m working off of wireless.


If you get an error running the script, check this link on permitting scripts to run on your PC.